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Herzliya's Events

Explore Herzliya's top attractions  
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Herzliya Park

Situated in the heart of the city, Herzliya Park is a large green expanse featuring barbecue areas, a lake, amphitheatre, playgrounds, walking and running trails and a bike path 
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The Herzliya Marina

The Herzliya Marina is the ideal location to enjoy designer shopping, gourmet restaurants and coffee shops. The marina has berthing facilities for approximately 800 vessels of 
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The Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art

The Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art presents contemporary art by Israeli and international artists, with a diverse range of exhibits including 
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Apollonia National Park

The first settlement in Apollonia was the Phoenicians during the Persian era. The site was then named Arsuf in honor of the Phoenician god Resheph. During the Byzantine era, 
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Sidna Ali Mosque

Sidna Ali is a mosque towering above the Kurkar cliffs and overlooking the Apollonia-Nof Yam beach. It has served as a place of worship for Muslims since the 11th century. In the courtyard is 
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Tel Michal

Overlooking the marina, Tel Michal is located on a hill approximately 30 meters above sea level and features archeological artifacts from many different periods in history, 
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The Artists’ Residence

The Artists’ Residence operates a gallery featuring new art exhibits each month. The center also hosts cultural events which are an interdisciplinary celebration of plastic arts, music and literature. 
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Beit Rishonim

Beit Rishonim is a museum of Herzliya’s history, recreating the story of Herzliya’s establishment and development with audiovisual displays. The museum is surrounded by a large 
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